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Managing workplace violence

15:06 07 June in Uncategorized by Tony O'Brien

This is part 1 of a 2-part article in which I’d like to speak about managing violence in the workplace. The reason I wanted to do it in 2 parts is because managing assaults in the workplace is generally approached from 2 different areas; the...

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Selecting a Quality Training Provider

20:26 12 May in Uncategorized by Tony O'Brien

Selecting a training provider may seem like a straightforward process for any manager or company owner to undertake. Ring 3 companies , get 3 prices , job done. Cheapest quote gets the gig. But are you really getting value for your money? As we all...

The Training Audit Trail

09:06 19 April in Uncategorized by Tony O'Brien

We deliver training all over the country to a huge diversity of sectors and people. We deliver long courses, short courses and online courses. The organisations we work with range from small businesses to large multi nationals and government bodies. There is only one thing...

What is Physical Intervention Training

19:37 05 April in Uncategorized by Tony O'Brien

What is physical intervention? And do your staff need it?   The mere mention of the words brings images of pyjama clad ninjas roaming the corridors of your workplace ready to deal with challenging customers in a most ninja like way.   That is quite a common response we...

Case Study: ParkRite Conflict Management Training

16:06 18 March in Uncategorized by Tony O'Brien

ICSE conflict management having been providing conflict management and personal safety training to ParkRite since 2014. In that time we have seen some amazing results in employee safety. Below is a case study on our partnership with ParkRite which shows that a commitment to training...

Managing Challenging Behaviour

11:42 18 January in Uncategorized by Tony O'Brien

Employees experiencing problems in managing challenging behaviour in challenging environments tends to be one of the leading reasons why we are called to deliver conflict management training. Generally this will involve frontline employees dealing with the public in situations where they may face challenging behaviour...

Do I need conflict management training

10:21 29 April in Uncategorized by Tony O'Brien

This is a question often asked internally by organisations. In fact it is often one the first questions asked by potential clients when they call our offices. “We have had a couple of minor incidents. Do you think we need training?” Well here are 4...