Managing Challenging Behaviour

Managing Challenging Behaviour

11:42 18 January in Uncategorized

Employees experiencing problems in managing challenging behaviour in challenging environments tends to be one of the leading reasons why we are called to deliver conflict management training. Generally this will involve frontline employees dealing with the public in situations where they may face challenging behaviour in the course of their role.

One of the most common barriers we find in assisting staff to manage challenging behaviour is our presumption that it is the person themselves who is being challenging and not simply their behaviour. We all have within us the capability to exhibit challenging behaviour, but does this make us difficult or bad people? What we have discovered over our years of working and training with frontline employees is that there are not that many bad people in society. There are however a lot of people in society experiencing difficult times and who find themselves in difficult situations. When human beings find themselves in difficult situations we become increasingly emotional and this can lead to challenging behaviour. One of the keys to managing challenging behaviour is the realisation that behind most instances of challenging behaviour is a decent human being in a difficult situation.

So how do we manage challenging behaviour? First we recognise that every behaviour that we exhibit is a form of communication. This applies to both to the staff member and the person they are speaking to. There is a reason for every type of behaviour and although every person is different our behaviours are quite common across most people.  This is why we don’t train scripted responses on our conflict management courses. We recognise that all human are slightly different and respond in different ways, however we know that we have basic responses to certain emotions and by using proven strategies, we can address challenging behaviour in most people.

The goal for staff members dealing with challenging behaviour is normally to resolve the issue and ensure their own safety. Our strategy based training approach teaches staff to separate the behaviour from the person and recognise the cause of the behaviour. We deliver solutions which can be applied across a range of situations. If you would like to speak to us today about our how  our strategies can assist your employees in managing challenging behaviour give us a call on 091 534918 or email

Tony O'Brien