Physical Intervention Training

Physical Intervention Skills female-conflict

Our physical intervention training programme is designed to give learners a   physical skillset to enable them in maintaining their personal safety in a range of high level conflict situations. The course is designed as a supplement to our conflict management programme.
Who is this for?
This course is designed for staff where the risk assessment dictates that there is a high possibility that the level of conflict may involve physical contact and may require transporting or holding violent persons.

Course Content:

  • Legal  considerations in physical intervention.
  • Using effective body language to manage personal space.
  • A suite of skills to effectively disengage from a range of common physical attacks.
  • A selection of non-restrictive escort and guiding techniques for managing subjects displaying challenging behaviour.
  • A selection of restrictive holding and escorting techniques for managing non-compliant and violent subjects.
  • The risks associated with physical intervention.
  • Best practice in recording and reporting physical intervention.
  • The after effects of using physical intervention skills.

Course Delivery and Duration

The course is delivered over a half day and scenario based exercises which encourage analytical thought, problem solving skills and build confidence in managing high level conflict situations. The physical element is thought in a controlled classroom environment using scenarios and group practice.


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