Conflict Management (6N2775) QQI Level 6


The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence required to understand and resolve conflict situations that may arise in personal, social or work life.


ICSE’s QQI Level 6 Conflict Management award explores conflict management theories and their practical application to the workplace. This programme is suitable for frontline staff who due to the nature of their work can encounter frustrated, aggressive, quarrlesome, threatening, insulting or abusive members of the public.

Effective Conflict Management skills are essential and valuable in all aspects of life and work. Successful learners on completion of this QQI Level 6 course will be able to:

  • Explain the role, function, and forms of expression of conflict in group and organisational life.
  • Discuss the theoretical and practice dimensions of conflict management and conflict resolution in particular similarities and differences between them.
  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge of methods and strategies for managing conflict problems including solving, negotiation, passive, smoothing approach, adversarial approach, compromising, withdrawal and avoidance.
  • Discuss the role, function and styles of mediation and negotiation in managing conflict.
  • Utilise a range of methods to intervene in conflict situation in group and organisational life.
  • Demonstrate skills of conflict management in organisational life.
  • Present an analytical framework for understanding and managing conflict in group or organisational contexts.
  • Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses associated with their personal style of conflict management in group or organisational contexts.
  • Demonstrate good practice in managing conflict in group or organisational contexts.

This QQI level 6 course is composed of 150 hours learning. This is broken between self directed and tutor lead learning. There is a minimum of 41 hours direct contact between the trainer and learner in a online virtual classroom. The balance is allocated towards eLearning modules, home study by the learner and assignment preperation.

The tutor lead training includes 8 sessions direct contact between tutor and learner's live and interactive over Zoom. Candidates are required to attend a pre course "Technical Check" to ensure their laptop/desktop, broad band connection, etc is suitible.  There are supervised study sessions as well as an assessment component. 


Course Prerequisites

  • Participants are required to complete a pre course "Tech Check" online prior to confirming a place on the course. The aim of this session is just to confirm the candidate has suitible desk top, laptop, pc as well as adequate broadband, study space, etc.
  • If English is not your first language, candidates must have a B2 level in English or higher to attend the online training course
  • All candidates will require a laptop or desktop or tablet to attend the program. (A smart phone is not sufficient)
  • Candidates must submit a photocopy of their passport or drivers’ licence, proof of address and their PPS number during the registration process
  • Candidates must have access to reliable broadband coverage for the duration of this program
  • Candidates must have a suitable space, free of distractions from which to log onto the course each day
  • Candidates must attend ALL scheduled Virtual classroom sessions
  • Exemption: €20 of the cost is charged by QQI for certification. Participants who are on the live register or are the holder of a medical card are exempt from the €20 fee. We just need you to submit proof to the course tutor and we can arrange a refund for you.